South African Hunting Safaris

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Kevin and Lori McCarrick, Long Beach, CA:
May 2015 10-Day Safari
“Thank you all for a wonderful holiday.  I am planning my next year's safari!
We had a great time and I would like to continue hunting with Alec as I plan to hunt somewhere in Africa every year.

Thank you all for the trip of a lifetime to us even if it was only another week in South Africa to you.

God bless and see you next year.

Best wishes from Kevin and Lori McCarrick.”
Chris Lombard, Netherlands:
June 2015 6-Day Hunt

“Dear Jill,

Good morning, Needless to say, I was very pleased with with my 4 days hunting in the Mooketsi area.  I will certainly return there trying to get more warthogs and some other plains game. I will discuss future hunts with Alec. 

Once more, thanks very much for the very agreable business relation (hunting with Mafigeni safaris) that I was able to enjoy.

Best personal regards, Chris Lombard”

Asim Saeed, Montreal Canada:
April 2014 9-Day Hunt
“Hi Alec
Hope all is well with you. Are you coming to the show to Canada with ur mom? Wanted to let u know that our trophies (mine and Pat's) will arrive here in Montreal Wanted to thank you guys again for everything. Please give my regards to your mom as well. 
Anyway, hope we see you here in Montreal soon