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Wing shooting in Southern Africa has gained increased popularity over the past few years amongst hunters heading to Africa on safari. From the semi-desert in the west to the plains and rivers of the highveld and on to the savannas of the north, the wing shooter can find more than 20 different species of game birds to hunt.

The best wing shooting opportunities are during June, July, and August, which coincide with the open seasons in most of South Africa's provinces. Being a rather social affair, wing shooting is best done in small groups. The ideal size of the group is best kept to four or less hunters.
The bird species most commonly hunted in Southern Africa range from the sand grouse and quail to the francolin, guinea fowl and various species of dove and pigeons. Two species of geese are available - the Egyptian goose and Spur-winged goose can make for a very challenging hunt. For duck hunters, South Africa offers the Yellow Bill, White-faced Whistling, and African Shell duck. Several species of Teal are also available and these small, quick, agile waterfowl can give even the most competent of shotgunners a real challenge. All species are not available in all areas, and local province restriction may apply, so be sure to make your preferences known when booking your safari.

We only hunt wild birds and stick to bag limits.  Although Guinea Fowl are plentiful, a brace or two Francolin per person per hunt is realistic.

Each concession is surveyed during the year and flight paths are monitored and blinds with decoys are set up for Waterfowl.  Our bird hunting guides especially enjoy guiding “species collectors” and will do their utmost to ensure success in your collection. 

You can hunt Upland game birds over pointers, Guinea Fowl hunts are generally driven, Geese and Ducks are hunted over decoys, as well as pass shooting.  On doves and pigeons you can expect to shoot 4-8 boxes of shells per day in August.  This is not the optimum time for doves and pigeons (April/May is – 10 to 20 boxes of shells per day), however it is excellent for all the other bird species.  Also note that this is not a hot barrel shoot.  You can expect 5-10 francolin per day (we shoot 40% of the annual Francolin covey according to our research on the impact of hunting on Francolin species) about 10 Guinea Fowl per day and the same for Ducks and Geese.

Bird Hunting Areas

Guests are accommodated in exclusive lodges.  The main highlights are Guinea Fowl and Francolin (Crested and Natal).  Birds are hunted over agricultural fields just before dark.  Driven and walk-up hunts offer the most success.

Free State
Accommodated in ranch homesteads, large populations of Guinea Fowl, Francolin (Swainson"s, Grey wing, Red wing and Orange River) as well as doves and waterfowl populate this grain farming area of South Africa. Areas are approximately 3 hours South of Johannesburg.

KwaZulu Natal
Guests are accommodated in exclusive lodges and safari camps. The main highlights are waterfowl as well as Francolin (Natal and Crested). The area stretches from the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean to the peaks of the Drakensburg Mountains, South East of Johannesburg.

Cape Province
Guests stay in a 200-year-old manor house, situated in the fabulous winelands of the Western and Southern Cape. Spurwing Geese and Egyptian Geese are hunted over decoys and Cape Francolin are hunted over pointers.

Eastern Cape
Accommodations consist of traditional African Safari camps and lodges. The prince of the Upland game birds, the Greywing Francolin, is hunted over pointers in high country and hunters can enjoy some of the best Scottish grouse shooting.

Bird Species

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Francolin & Spur Fowl
Francolin & Spur Fowl – These upland game birds, similar in size and behaviour to Spanish and Hungarian partridge, offer some of our highest quality shooting experiences.  Hunting in areas of spectacular mountain and highland scenery, over English and German Pointers where the thrill of a flushed covey will be one of the greatest memories of your Wing shooting experience.
South African Bird Hunting
Waterfowl – The huge Spurwing Goose, the noisy and colourful Egyptian Goose as well as the Mallard-like Yellow Billed Duck are the mainstay of our waterfowl shooting.  Other species like Red Billed, Cape and Hottentots Teal, African Shellduck, White-Faced Whistling Duck and Knob-Billed Duck are all shot over decoys from blinds, using lead shot.  Our waterfowl are not migratory and in many areas are classified as crop damaging wildlife.  Bag limits are therefore more generous.
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Guinea Fowl
Guinea Fowl – these crafty and prolific game birds are found all over South Africa in flocks of up to 200 birds.  Our shooting strategies are based on the driven shoot methods using beaters and retrievers.  Once the flock has been dispersed we often follow up with Pointers.
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Doves and Pigeons
Doves & Pigeons – We have 3 species of Pigeon and Dove, namely the large Rock Pigeon, Red Eyed Pigeon and Cape Turtle Dove, which provide our clients with exceptionally challenging and active sport where bag limits are not as restrictive due to the classification of these species as crop damaging wildlife.